Android Productivity Tools for Group Thinking and Collaboration

Android productivity tools and Apps for improving the productivity are in great demand among young professionals, tech savvy writers, business men and business planners who are in need of regular note taking, and collaborative thinking. Here is a list of very few Android productivity tools that are a must have for all those who need to do continual idea generation.

1: Evernote for file Creation and Sharing

It is a free ware that also can be upgraded for additional features, at 45uSD per year annual subscription fee. It automatically syncs the notes to cloud back up service. It is compatible with many other Android devices based applications and services. It is great cost effective way to save the copywriters from the hassle of maintaining pocket scrap books and battery operated devices. Multiple devices can be tagged to the multimedia notes and shared among multiple users. It is also good for bloggers and students.

2: Thinking Space for Mind Mapping

Mind maps are an easy way to create thoughts ideas and the best way to keep track of brainstorming sessions like meetings and conferences. Thinking Space for Android devices is a powerful free ware miniature scale application developed for Android Devices that is fully compatible with desktop mind mapping application free mind.

3: Catch Notes

It is just like Evernote except in that it allows voice input, simple type in hash tags creation as compared to the Evernote way. In Catch tags can be created by simply typing in but ever note requires manual creation of tags separately and then adding them to the multimedia message. With just a tad lower monthly upload limit (Evernote save 10MB/month more than Catch) the bargain is quite good considering Evernote has no known proof of using secure HTTP connection between apps and back end while catch always uses secure HTTP.

4: One Note

The second largest competitor to Ever-Note in Note-taking is One note .A part of Microsoft Office suite since 2003 it emulates traditional binder just like Ever note. Both Ever note and OneNote ink notes are searchable and indexed. One note is one step ahead because its Ink Notes can be added anywhere as a moveable text box, even within a printed or a typed word document. It is a virtually a notepad on which you jot down the notes. Ink notes are also available for Ever note but not on all Android devices it is only available on Desktops. One Note also lets you create charts calendars and forms while Ever note is just limited to digital checklist with checkbox.

5: G-Tasks

Gmail’s, Google Calendar compatible application for integrated tasks feature provides a digital to-do list, that is an easy to navigate and shareable across various platform like Facebook and email accounts. Task management in offline mode is also possible if you don’t have a remote team to work with.

Cloud based and Note taking and file management applications for Smartphone and tablets are the most sought after Android productivity tools. If you are an Android Smartphone user then there are a lot of Android productivity tools that can increase your productivity at work.

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