Best Free Android Games of 2017-18

Whenever you listen a word game suddenly you charge up. Isn’t it? No matter you are an adult, an old age person, a kid or a teenager games is loved by each and everyone and in the smart technology all of us love to play games in android phones.

Some of the Free most Playing Android Games are as Follows:

#1 Asphalt 8: Airborne:


Everyone loves racing games as these type of games will remain always in trend. There are number of tracks on which a player can play this game and as the challenges there are many of the vehicles which are locked in this game. The player has to clear the challenges and can unlock the vehicle to make their game more interesting. This is one of the game which is in trend from older time, merely comprises of metrical long ton of complacent for the players to play through with. Asphalt 8also has a feature of online multi-player and many other such type of activities to play. You can download this game from Google play store for free of cost. You will surely get great experience after playing this game.

#2: Critical Ops:

Critical Ops

This game is one of the new game of first individual shooting and This game is completely different from others. In Critical Ops, there is a battle of the terrorists in an assortment of urbanized destined stages and also you can even play this game from the terrorists side too. This game comprises of a multi-player gathering online with the help of which you can play this game with your friends too in a group. This game is free of cost and you can download this game from Google play store.

#3: Clash Royale:

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the latest game which is played by most of the teenagers these days. In this game the player has to collect the cards, he/she has to build up deck, and has to play duels with another online player. The player can earn trophies after winning this game. When you lose the game you will lose the trophy too. The player form the clans to share playing cards, and the player get many of the chances to unlock the new cards in the game.   This is one of the best game to play and you can get this game from Google Play Store.

#4:  Laps – Fuse:

Laps – Fuse

This game is awesome. In this game you have to fuse the tiles together and for many hours you can play this game with freak puzzle. You can unlock the intense, fierce, and infinite modes of this game. As you goes one level up you are unlocking the others. You have to fuse the color numbers to get one level up.

These are some of the best games which makes your day more interesting and a lot of will be there while playing this game. Also if you are playing in a group then nothing is best then that.

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