How to Backup an Android Phone?

Mobile phones that feature Google Android mobile OS can store content such as music and connections. Over time, it’s likely that you will acquire a lot of details on your Android phone, including images, documents and other important files stored on the phone. However, as with any PC or smart phone, it’s always important to back up your details. Luckily, Android OS smart phones make it easier to copy your private details.

If you lose or break your phone or if the device fails, you won’t be able to recover your details unless you have a back up of that data. If you do have a backup, you can easily reinstate your connections and other details to your Android phone once it is replaced or fixed.

Follow the Steps:

  • Connect the USB wire to your phone and your PC. The smaller end of the cable fits into the phone, while the larger end connects into an available USB port on your PC.
  • Wait for the “Connect to PC” message to appear on your cell phone’s display.
  • Click “Disk Drive” then “Done.”
  • Open up “My Computer” on your desktop computer. Your cell phone’s storage will be displayed as an accessible storage location.
  • Open your cell phone’s storage in “My Computer” and locate any details files you want to back up.
  • Use your mouse to select these details files and drag them onto the desktop computer. This will show a file transfer progress bar. Once it is complete and vanishes, your details files will be fully backed up onto your PC.

Backup with Google:

Google’s Android operating system offers the ability to easily save certain configurations like WiFi system choices, bookmarks, and customized terms to their servers using your Gmail account consideration.

To Allow It:

  1. Go to Settings, personal, Back-up and then reset option, and choose both Back-up my information and Automated recover.
  2. Go to Settings, personal, account and Synchronize, and choose your Gmail account details.
  3. Select all of the options detailed, to make sure that all available information is synced.

Though the specific process may a little bit differ between Android operating system gadgets, the process is generally the same. The above example is for Google Nexus S gadgets.

For information that Google does not support such as SMS/MMS information, playlists, and alarms you can use third-party application. One popular choice is MyBackup Pro, which allows protected backups to remote servers or your own storage, and computerized scheduling.

The application isn’t free, it costs $4.99, but you can try it for free to see whether it fits your needs. To begin backup, simply obtain the MyBackup Pro app from the Android market or from PCWorld’s Android AppGuide, and then start the app from your phone.

Most major smart phone systems can back up their information to a computer or to the Internet. In the event of a crash–which, for mobile phones, could basically mean failing onto the earth and shattering–the information can be easily renewed when it is fixed.

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