How to Convert Palm Contacts to Android Phone?

Android Phones synchronize connections with the online Google mail contacts feature. You can transfer connections to Android easily through the Web interface of Gmail. The connections are then instantly synced to your cell phone. The palm contacts are instantly synced with the palm desktop programs. You can export the palm contacts from the desktop programs and transfer them into Google Contacts to have them on your Android operating cell phone in a few minutes.

Portable gadgets that run on the palm OS are suitable with those that run on the Android operating system. To synchronize information, use the built-in Wireless application on both gadgets. Wireless lets you transfer items and data from one phone to the other, such as contacts, messages, notices and media files.


  1. Sync your palm device with the Desktop programs so that the most recent up-dates to your connections are included on your computer.
  2. Click on the drop-down selection in the upper right of the palm desktop computer window and choose your login name. Simply choose the “Contacts” element.
  3. Click “File” and then choose “Export.” Enter in a computer file name and pick a location for the computer file, for example, your pc’s Desktop computer. Set the “Export Type” to “Comma separated variable (.CSV)” and choose “All” as the Range. Click on “Export”.
  4. Navigate to and log in with the Gmail account details you use on your Android phone. Simply choose the “Contact” link on the left.
  5. Click “More Actions” and then choose “Import.” Select “Choose File” and then point to the CSV computer file you created. Click on “Import”.
  6. Unlock your Android operating cell phone and, from the desktop, select the “Menu” option. Tap “Settings” and then tap “Accounts and Sync.” Tap on your Google account name in the list and then tap on “Contacts” to put a green check in the box next to it. Tap “Save.” The connections will synchronize to your cell phone in just a few moments.

CompanionLink for Synchronization

CompanionLink will synchronize palm Pc with your Android operating system.  We will do it safely and immediate using the USB wire that came along with your system. No cloud server to host your information! No data sent over unsecure connections! Your information is safe in our system.

CompanionLink sets up on your PC and performs together with a totally free CRM app for Android operating system. The app is known as DejaOffice and is available from the Android Market on your system. Moreover to synchronize performance, DejaOffice gives you business class connections, schedule, projects and memorandums on your Android.


  • CompanionLink on your PC.
  • Palm desktop
  • DejaOffice on your Android operating system

Getting Started

  1. Set up CompanionLink on your PC. Set up it to synchronize with Android operating system using DejaConnect USB.
  2. Set up DejaOffice on your Android operating system. Set up it to use DejaConnect USB.

Sync up your system to the PC, and then simply select the Sync option in CompanionLink.

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