How To Make iPhone Camera LED Notifications Work?

The notification system in iOS has always been criticized prior to iOS 5 for the lack of functionality. It was far behind its Android counterpart. With iOS 5 Apple saw to that issue and changed it completely and added some pretty new enhancements. One such enhancement or rather a totally new feature is the LED notifications. LED Notification is a feature available in many phones including the BlackBerry. It is an unobtrusive way to notify what is going on.

About the LED Notification:

This feature basically lets the user take the advantage of the camera’s flash as an indicator to any new notification. This feature has been introduced for the persons who are hearing impaired. The light from the LED flash is pretty bright and is almost impossible to notice. So anyone having an iPhone 4 or 4S and is running the iOS 5 can give this nifty feature a try. Users having iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS are out of luck due to the fact that these phones don’t have any flash associated with the camera.

How to Configure This Feature:

Configuring this feature is pretty simple as this feature is available at default in the phone’s settings. All that is needed is to navigate to General, then Accessibility options and then turn on LED Flash for Alerts. In order to make the feature to work properly the phone needs to be in silent mode. To do this, turn off vibration in Sounds sub-menu under Options menu. This should enable the LED notification feature. The LED will blink 3 times on any new notification but only when the phone is in lock screen mode.


While this feature works hassle free for most users, some users have reported having issues with getting it to work properly. Sometimes only turning on the feature does not make the feature work properly. In order to make it work properly, some steps can be followed.

  • Start off by turning off the flash for both the camera and the notification alert settings.
  • Perform a hard reboot. For those who are unaware of it, concurrently press the power and the home button and keep holding them until the phone restarts.
  • Wait for the phone to get back on. After the phone is on, navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Then go to General and then to Accessibility. This time don’t just press the LED notification button to toggle it on. Instead hold the button and slide it.

This should make the LED start working in sync with the notifications. However even if it doesn’t do so immediately, wait patiently for few more hours and it should start working smoothly.


Although this feature has been made available for the people who are hearing impaired virtually anyone can find this feature quite convenient. Especially for anyone who is in a crowded place or in the middle of the traffic and find himself missing messages due to not hearing the sounds. Or for the one who would prefer seeing a light and skip the noises. Anyways it’s a neat addition to the iOS’ improved Notification center.

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