How to Make Money Online: Android Application Development

The world of internet free lancing is filled up with zillions of eye-catching gimmicks. Pay per click, link building campaigns, task oriented websites what not and what not claiming to make a person rich over night. Mostly these are nothing but scams to get people to believe they can get away with making money through internet with least or no knowledge. Truth is the internet users are becoming more and more aware each day and getting yourself employed as a freelancer is a big deal now.

One recent development in the online working communities is the application developer’s job. Each day hundreds of jobs at least are advertised asking for programmers and developers to build androids applications for example. With the recent trends towards androids dominating the smart phones market in terms of market share has lead to a sudden boom in mobile applications. Androids for smart phones and tablets are everywhere and anywhere. They are marketable cash cows, if written well using a customer orientation.

Developing your own android application is not a bad idea if you have money making on mind, have freelancing as a goal and got computer programming as a core field. All you need to do is to be well versed in JAVA and C languages. Although the basic API of androids is Java based sometimes your application program may require use of objective C language so knowing both is a plus.

If however you come from a non-programmer background but still want to skim the android market there are many android Software development kits (SDK) available online to facilitate the D.I.Y way of Android application development. Here is a little how to guide on this

  • Research for a unique idea in market based on usability, utility and market demand, scroll popular androids already published,
  • Download any SDK like Eclipse (or any other you like) and acclimatize yourself to the feel of it.
  • Design your application using the Eclipse make use of animations, timed sound effects customizable user interfaces with direct touch objects that reduce cognitive effort of users and make it easy for them to connect to the application.
  • Develop your application using basic level knowledge(there are many online resources to enable you to do that in a matter of weeks) and
  • Test your application it using the virtual device and you are ready to upload android applications release version to Google play.
  • Sign up for Google play publisher account; sign up distribution agreement and to publish for a one off capital outlay of as little as 25USD paid via Google checkout account;

If you still are vary on your ability to learn new things at short intervals do one thing, you can choose to hire an agency do the programming under a strict non disclosure agreement or hire a freelancer do it for you. While the former is costly and riddled with documentary details the later is comparatively cost effective and gives you better control over development. One advantage that professional agencies pose over freelancers is that you don’t find yourself at the risk of a being sold an android application developed with bugs, the agreement covers debugging too.


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