How to Sync iTunes With Android

Android by default is not iTunes friendly. It can at times be very frustrating to have Android devices because syncing them with iTunes can be an irksome task. This article is for those who have Android devices and are still searching for a guaranteed way of synchronizing Android devices with iTunes.

Syncing iTunes with Android – Simple Steps

  1. Ensure that you have two applications namely, iSyncr and PlayerPro Music Player downloaded on your Android device. Just be care in selecting  the iSyncr application which suits your requirement asit  is available for both Windows and Mac computers
  2. Make sure that all the necessary USB drivers for the specified Android phone are available with you as they are mandatory for connecting your phone to your computer as a USB Mass Storage device.
  3. Download and install the iSyncr application on the phone,  make note of the instructions about the proper way of disconnecting the device from your computer after syncing. For optimal performance ensure that the iSyncr application is to not only set up but also properly configured on your Android phone.
  4. Go to the home screen of the application, select the setting icon and set the “Play Count Logging” and “Auto Clean Playlists” as enabled.
  5. It is optional but if you want you can also set options of “Play count Sensitivity” and “Skip Threshold” according to your personal preferences.
  6. Once these settings are over connect the phone  to the computer using a USB cable
  7. On being prompted accept the connection type as a disk drive or as a USB Mass Storage device.
  8. Next open the removable device with the help of my computer Icon and launch the iSyncrr executable file.
  9. Set the options “Sync iTunes Album Art” and “Remember Selected Playlists” as enabled.
  10. Finally select the playlists which you intend to sync and click the Sync button.

These ten simple steps will have your iTunes synced with your Android phone.

Playing Synced iTunes

In order to play the synced iTunes it is mandatory that a music player which works in synchronization with iSyncrr is installed on Android Device. PlayerPro is the apt music player, and installing it on the phone will enable you to synchronize play counts, album art, ratings, lyrics, etc.

Installing and Using PlayerPro

  1. Down load the PlayerPro music player on your phone
  2. After downloading it on the phone just run it.
  3. Go to the  Music Library option and  select Scrobbling
  4. From the available list of options  select “Simple” to ensure that the play and skip counts are synced to both iSyncr and iTunes.
  5. Now again go to the Music Library and select Rating System and from the available list select  “iSyncr”.

You are now ready to enjoy the iTunes which you have just synchronized with your Android phone. This articles spell out the best way synchronizing Android with iTunes. There can be other applications available in the market but you must use your prudence to select one.

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