Know Everything about iPhone X – The Clear & Unbiased Facts About iPhone X

The new generation of iPhone as we say the latest model of Apple iPhone X comes on the market. But this iPhone X comes with many questions for the users. And one main question for every user what to pronounce iPhone X. As you will pronounce it X(ten) or X(ex).

Apple may have reason to call it iPhone 10 as it comes on the 10th anniversary of the primary iPhone which was generally launched or established in the year 2007

There is the main reason too called iPhone X to ex. It is the very easy to speak as well as the common word in the whole world. As Apple also sell a pair of the earphones known BeatsX and these are not called Beats 10.

Feature on iPhone X:

The new iPhone X included many new features. Here mentioned feature will allow you to know deeply about the iPhone X.

All Glass Design:

The new iPhone X have both sides glass front as well as the back side. Apple calls it all-glass design. Now you worry about breaking glass as for this problem solution Apple designed the glass most durable as well as best that ever used ion any smartphone.


As we look at iPhone then we will see that the front side of this phone is full screen. The display covers full front of the iPhone X as only space for the camera on the top of the front side. The size of the iPhone X screen 5.8-inches slanting. Please have a look at the Best iPad Pro 10.5 cases.

Home Button:

As the iPhone X has full screen on a front so there is no Home button on the display. Users must have to swipe the screen from the bottom to go back or come out from any app. The iPhone X provide you the face ID for the security purpose. As the fingerprint also useful but this new feature is superb and gives you more security to protect your device.

Battery Life:

As battery life becomes the main purpose of every phone. Every user wants that the battery of their phone lasts for a long time. As the battery life of iPhone X is better as well as it has 2 hours more than every other iPhone.

Colors of iPhone X:

Every user has their own color choice. As iPhone X comes in two colors that is silver as well as space gray. As the previous model of iPhone has the good color scheme as gold, silver and much more. But for iPhone X you must have to select between these two colors.

RIP Wires:

As the previous model of iPhone, this phone too has the wireless charger. You do not have to sit with plug attach the wire to charge your phone. This is the best feature available on iPhone X.


This iPhone X comes with the improved version of the Siri. This phone has many new features to fulfill all your extra needs. This phone price is too high. As if your budget is good only when you are able to buy this phone. But this phone is exclusive, smart as well as well designed.

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