My iPhone Does Not Vibrate – What Shall I Do Now?

Important Things You Need To Know if your iPhone Doesn’t Vibrate

There is no doubt to say iPhone’s are the best phone you will ever use. This is too true that it may have the high cost. iPhone provides both types of facility to its customers that is ring mode as well as vibration mode to inform the person he has a call as well as any message.

If you get the only ring when receiving the message or call it generally means that the vibration function is off on your device. Sometimes it may due to problem arise in the iPhone’s firmware. Luckily, you are able to troubleshoot your device to realize if you can turn it to vibrate.


iPhone Doesn't Vibrate

Switch on the Ringer Option:

You must have to switch on the ringer to see whether it vibrate or not. Ringer switch may be available on the side of the phone.

Reboot your iPhone by the On and Off Button:

When you continuously press the button on the upper side of the iPhone you will see the red color slide appear on your screen. Click the slide to the right side with the help of your finger and your iPhone will turn Off. Then turn On your iPhone from On or Off button. Then test the vibrate option by tossing the ringer button to realize that it vibrate or not.

Reset your Device:

By continuously pressing as well as keeping the button on your device and the button called Home button for the 10 seconds.

Click Settings located on your iPhone:

Turn up the Vibrate head under Ringers as well as Vigilant. Change the skidder on the bar placed next to Swing all the mode over to the quality to turn vibration on.

Restore your iPhone:

Connecting the iPhone to your PC with the help of USB cable. When it discovers your iPhone, your PC should open the iTunes. If it automatically not able to open iTunes then by double-clicking on the button you are able to open iTunes.

You have to hold on for iPhone to be enrolled in iTunes below Devices placed on the left top of iTunes frame. Click on the Summary button. Then click on the Restore. You must have to select Back Up if you want your data to remain safe.

Click  to Restore:

Click on the option restore. When the iPhone restored it may again connect to the iTunes.

Enable the Vibrate:

Turn on the function by tapping Settings as well as then tapping Sounds. Then click on the button next to the vibrate under Ringer as well as Alerts. Click to the ringer switch to on if you want your iPhone to vibrate.


Above mentioned steps must help you to vibrate your iPhone. If the information does not help you to overcome from the problem then you must contact to the Apple store. You may get the contact of the customer support from the official site of the Apple. Sometimes your iPhone needs repair so it may originate many problems.

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