Sony launching its flagship Xperia XZ1 Replacing XZ

Sony announced its fourth flagship phone with xz1, leaving the xz in sony lineups. A year back when Xperia started it’s X flagship. Now, as the Z lineup is already dead. Sony coming out with more smartphones this year with best of Sony class and offering all segment of consumers in one full package.

Sony X lineup has major improvement this year from design, camera and battery but other than this there are no major difference we can spot on compared to Xperia z5.

On the other hand when Iphone 7 was launched, introducing the water resistant or IPv6  technology to get ahead in race. Similar to that, Sony has made the mark and used it from very 2012 Xperia Z.

The key Features that Xperia XZ1 Comes with:

  1. A water resistant design returns
  2. Introduction of Fingerprint sensor
  3. Offers you PS4 games on your Xperia xz1 screen

Xperia xz1 Design:

  1. Xperia design is loved by everyone, that’s why they used high quality material on the back.
  2. Due to excellent form factor they sit comfortably in the hand
  3. No cornering near the edges. As it was on the Xperia z5.

Xperia zx Interface and other Things:

It packed up with Android 6 and can be easily upgraded to 7.0 now.

Look and feel is much more improved from it’s predecessors. Reducing the bloatwares you find in previous generations.

Google stock android is love by everyone. Just because it’s fast, productive and Interactive UI. Just to say Sony thought to get rid out of their own skin and adopt a nicer way to permit users a good experience in it.

Though, there are some touch bloatware which are of Sony- for example, messaging, phone app and contacts are offered by Sony itself. And fewer other Sony made apps like PS4 Remote play are missing but can be downloaded from the play store.

What about the Multimedia Experience in Sony Xperia xz1:

It comes with a full Hd panel, quite large for anyone to enjoy watching movies and playing games. Sony has integrated a app like Google Play Movies which allows the users a TV programming schedule. The speakers are bit on lower note but it denser now. You’ll fell in love with the audio output in Xperia xz1.

Now, Sony has improved upon the previous versions. When throttled by a well performing CPU, 3Gb of RAM and 32GB of on-board storage and 256 GB of SD card support.

You can expect decent of gaming with the device as well as an added benefit of playing PS4 remote play. So, take your gaming console now in your pocket.

The battery performance on Xperia XZ1:

The Xperia won’t surprise you with hours of battery but it can provide you ample full of battery usage for a day. Although, comparing with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Xperia seems to have less battery which proved when we tested each of the phones.


Sony is pushing hard trying to make some headlines featuring their flagship lineups. Sony recent phones have newer generation camera sensors which helps to take pictures in low light and with improvising on laser autofocus for moving objects.

It also boasts 13MP front camera, still yet to receive the confirmation on wide angle lenses. But it will do the job.

The design is only more acceptable rather than jumping on specs which seems moderate and loads of other competitors provide much better.

With, such hefty price tag we’re yet to see how it perform in the market. If you’re planning to upgrade we recommend you to wait for sometime. Because Xperia xz definitely not a value for price product.

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