A Guide To Make Free Disk Space in your iPhone

Low Disk space is a major problem for every phone. If you have low disk space it makes your iPhone face many problems. Sometimes it can not able to store the data as well as not able to install or download new iOS updates. So free space for iPhone is important. If you want to save data and install upcoming versions of the apps then you must have sufficient space on your iPhone.


How you can Find How Much Free Disk Space you have?

To find out that how much free space you have on your iPhone. To find out this Please GO to the Option Setting in your phone then click on the General Button and then move to the usage option. It will take few seconds to show you how much free disk space you have on your iPhone. Here you will able to see how much space covered by the photos, videos as well as by the music.

How You can Make free Disk Space on your iPhone?

To make free space in your iPhone delete all the extra files from your phone. Extra files include photos, videos as well as music. As the photos and videos cover a lot5 of space in the iPhone so deleting some useless photos and videos makes you create free space for future use. If you do not want to delete all photos and videos that you may keep a copy of photos on the laptop and then delete from the phone. This backup of photos allows you to see any time in your laptop. So here is to benefit as you will not lose your data as well as you will get free space on your iPhone.

Now for more extra space, you may delete extra apps from your iPhone as you can see in your phone a lot of space is covered by the apps. So cleaning some extra apps gives you extra free space. For removing any app from your iPhone just click on that app and then click on the remove button. By cleaning your browser cache also gives you some free space. To clean the browser cache go to setting and click on safari and then scroll down and clear all history. As deleting the messages from your iPhone also make free disk space. Delete all the unwanted songs from your phone which you are not listening. As you will remove all these unnecessary things from your phone you may achieve a lot of free disk space in your iPhone. You will also notice after having large free space on your iPhone your phone speed will increase and you will be overcome from many small problems you are facing when you are using the phone.


These all the methods are available for any iPhone. With the help of this, you may get free disk space and you may use this space for the future use. As if you have free space you are able to download any new app or any version you want on your iPhone.

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