Why Does My android Mobile battery Die Quickly – Tips to Save Your Mobile Battery

Battery life becomes the biggest problem in every phone. Do not use your phone, take your SIM card out and sit happily and your battery will be lasting for a week on that charge. But if you try your device for your use here starts a problem of the decreasing battery life. In today life we can not able to use an android device with once charge battery for a day it will remain only for the hours. With a limited use, your phone battery life is able to last a whole running day on a single charge.

Yes, here are some realistic things you be able to do to improve your phone’s battery life.

#1: Deactivate your Mobile Data when Not Needed:

If mobile data is on in your phone then it may decrease the battery life fast. So you must have to off your mobile data as well as Wi-Fi when you not need. You must keep in mind this always as you keep seat belt while driving. And try to do less chat on phone. Talking on the phone takes less battery than chatting. So choose the phone calling more than chatting. This may help you to save battery life of your Android device.

#2: Uninstall the Apps you Never Used:

You will never know what was running in the background of your phone. As there is the various app available in your phone but some apps are unnecessary.  These apps may decrease your battery life and also you never used it. You simple able to delete the apps by going to setting and then click on the app you want to delete then click on the remove or Uninstall option. So delete the apps you do not use and save your battery life.

#3: Turn on the Power Saver Mode:

Always turn on the power saver mode on your android phone. This may use less battery when you are using a phone or be calling as well as chatting with someone.

#4: Tune the Display:

You are able to set your display even further to save your battery. The brightness must be low when you turn on the option Automatic brightness. If the brightness is low it may cost less battery while using the phone. Do not keep your phone always on. When you are not using keep the light off of your phone.

#5: Keep your Phone on the Windowsill:

A powerful connection to your phone web needs less power to hold, so the method people tell us. So rather of keeping the phone in your pocket, keep it somewhere as well as point it in the right way so you see a large number of connection capability bars. Simply keeping your phone 45 degrees on your table might really make the battery last longer. You think this is just a foolish method but it really works.


Android Phones are the best Smartphones in today world. But at a time every user want a good battery life phone. So the above-mentioned tips are helpful for you to save your battery as well as help you to know how you can upgrade it.

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